25Kg & 10Kg White De-Icing Rock Salt Gritting Snow Ice Driveway Steps Paths Car Parks

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Our Maxi Bags are large bags of white salt and are a preferred choice for schools, shopping centres and business premises who use them to make their public areas safer during the winter months but also  need to keep their properties cl

Each bag contains high quality white de-icing salt that has been treated with anti-caking agents (50 mg/kg) to stop it forming lumps and clumping together. The maxi bags are prefect for long term storage as the bags protect the salt, so there is no need to worry if you do not use them straight away.

  • 25KG &10KG large bags of white solar marine salt  
  • Leaves little to no residue once used so it is perfect for high footfall areas where cleanliness is an issue
  • Clean, dry white salt that flows freely through spreaders
  • Works quickly in bad conditions
  • Once spread, the white salt helps prevent refreezing when the temperatures lower
  • Fast delivery available to all UK Mainland locations
  • Treated with anti-caking treatment 50 mg/kg
  • Conforms to British Standard BS3247

Our large white salt bags contain the highest-grade white de-icing salt available in the UK that complies to BS3247. Our de-icing salt is not mixed with any additives like sand or grit, so it is very effective at melting ice and snow.

High Quality De-Icing Salt 25kg & 10KG
Fine Grain best quality on the market quarantined to get the job done whatever the weather ideal for melting Snow & Ice
Ideal For
No mess no residue 

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